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According to the new European data protection law (GDPR, General Data Protection Rules) you have the right to know how/where your personal data is stored and you also have the right to request your data to be deleted.

When you contact us through our homepage your personal data (name, e-mail address and all the other data you might make available) will be stored in the e-mail account of Saara Tours BT travel agency and also in the e-mail account of the manager of Saara Tours BT. If you reserve a hotel room, a program, or a transfer (by car, bus or other vehicle) then your name will be forwarded (by e-mail or fax) to the service providers in question (if requested). In case of purchased service you will receive an invoice with your personal data on it (name, address), one copy of the invoice will go to the accountant of Saara Tours BT and one copy will remain at Saara Tours BT. You may request your personal data to be deleted from the previously mentioned e-mail accounts at any time (we will forward your request also to the service providers). According to the Hungarian law the invoices (the remaining copies) must be stored for 8+1 years after the completed event. Your personal data is used to complete the services requested by you and only the previously mentioned parties have access to your personal data.

In case you would like to request your personal data to be deleted please contact us through Saara Tours BT homepage. Not requesting to delete your personal data is understood as your consent to store it.

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