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You can walk around Budapest with a guidebook in your hand and get a good idea of the city and what it offers for a visitor. You can aslo walk around with "a live guide" to make your Budapest / Hungary experience even richer. I am a licensed tour guide and have lived in Budapest since 1990, long enough to get to know the country, its history, its culture, its people, its cuisine, its every day life and its undescribably beautiful capital. As a guide it is my pleasure to share that knowledge with the visitors to Hungary and help them to make their visit really enjoyable "The best".
Looking forward to be in your service, Paivi Taskinen
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Riches of Hungarian culture

Folklore Performances | Organ Concert | Danube Symphony Orchestra

Folklore performances

Hungarian Folklore Performance

There are not many countries beside Hungary, where the art of folk-dancing is at such high artistic level. There exists even a college for studying Hungarian folk dances.

The Hungarian State Folk Ensemble, the Danube Folk Ensemble and Rajkˇ Folk Ensemble are three of the best professional Hungarian folk ensembles with the longest tradition (formed in 1951, 1957, and 1952), which have performances all around the country and abroad.

All the three of the ensembles consist of 30 artists. Their choreographies are based on authentic dances. Some of them were collected in isolated villages and date back hundreds of years. Through the performed dances you can get a broad view of the music, dance and costume heritage of Hungary and the Hungarian inhabited areas.

Hungarian Folklore Dance

Folklore Performances | Organ Concert | Danube Symphony Orchestra

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